Quality Assurance Service

In the education market of the 21st century, it is essential that both SEC members and clients have access to a Quality Assurance Service that is:

  • mutually beneficial;
  • manageable;
  • cost effective; and
  • instrumental in sustaining professional quality and currency.

SEC Quality Assurance processes have a fundamental strength as they have been specifically designed to reflect and uphold the Core Principles, Values, Practice and Quality of Service detailed within the Code of Practice for SEC members. The SEC Code of Practice is pre-eminent in its field, honed from over 20 years of application.

SEC Core Principles include a commitment to:

  • advance the professional standards of education consultancy; and
  • maintain high standards of personal conduct and integrity;

By subscribing to the Quality Assurance of his/her service, a member is demonstrating a sustained professional commitment to this Code of Practice and the inherent high quality service to clients. The SEC Quality Assurance Service offers quantitative and qualitative verification of the quality of service provided by a consultant against unequivocal clear and transparent professional standards, so participation is mutually beneficial to consultant and client.

SEC members taking advantage of the SEC Quality Assurance Service are entitled to use the title ‘SEC Accredited Member’. All SEC Accredited Members are required to use SEC Quality Assurance evaluation forms with at least three different clients during the course of an academic year.

However, SEC recommends that Accredited Members use SEC Quality Assurance evaluation forms as standard practice for feedback on each contract or service for a client.


An SEC Accredited Member will have:

  • immediate and continuous feedback on the quality of his/her services;
  • objective, quantitative and qualitative confirmation of professional currency and high quality service to offer a new client;
  • use of the feedback in his/her own marketing, in addition to the title ‘SEC Accredited Member’;
  • the facility to access up to 30 minutes telephone discussion of any concerns or needs arising from feedback received;
  • access to skilled coaching to assist in addressing any issues (which will be chargeable).

SEC Quality Assurance Service  Evaluation Forms

All evaluations of service give due attention to:

  • Listening attentively to clients at all times, providing balanced advice to the client about the assignment that is purposeful and relevant to achieving its objectives, and serves the needs and interests client;
  • Defining clearly the terms and conditions of the assignment or service, including the scope, nature and period of the service to be provided, the allocation of responsibilities, and the ethical and proper basis for remuneration;
  • Ensuring that, as appropriate, all products, programmes and advice have been discussed with the client in good time before they are finalised;
  • Ensuring that resources are sufficient to carry out the assignment;
  • Being professionally helpful throughout the period of service, demonstrating the necessary professional experience for the assignment undertaken;
  • Maintaining high standards of personal conduct and integrity;
  • Ensuring that where further consultancy is recommended, any personal interest that may exist in such further work is openly declared.


Each SEC Quality Assurance Service evaluation form also offers opportunities to add tailored questions and the option for additional comments:

  1. Tailored questions: Enabling Accredited members to gain focused feedback on specific aspects of the service provided for a selected client, not covered in the standard questions;
  2. Additional Comments: Enabling clients to provide qualitative feedback , providing insights for SEC members on aspects of the service and quotes for personal publicity;

SEC Quality Assurance Service processes are designed to demonstrate a commitment to:

  • The on-going evaluation of the service system that provides clients with access to consultants;
  • Providing Accredited Members with immediate feedback on future use of their own services

To this end, the following three questions are consistent on all core questionnaires:

  • I would use this consultant/trainer again;
  • I would recommend this consultant/trainer to others.

Continuing Professional Development

The strength of SEC Quality Assurance Service is that it not only offers Accredited Members a system by which to evaluate the quality of service provided, but it is also a means by which such members can effectively address a professional development need that arises.

In any instance where a member’s evaluations indicate an on-going professional development need, SEC will support the Accredited Member by identifying a suitably skilled professional colleague to provide support and guidance.

Please note that will SEC reserve the right to withdraw accredited status from any SEC Accredited Member who fails to address sustained professional development needs.

Administration and Feedback to Consultants

The following SEC Quality Assurance Service Questionnaires are available:

  • Quality of Consultancy – to be completed by the client who engages the consultant;
  • Quality of Training – to be completed by clients who engage a trainer;
  • Optional supplementary questionnaire: Delegate response to training – to be completed by participants in training;
  • Quality of Parent/Child Advice – to be completed by the parent/guardian.

All questionnaires are accessed online to a secure server and consultants elicit feedback from clients by sending them a request with login details to access the relevant questionnaire. PDF copies of the questionnaires are also available for download on request.

N.B. SEC Questionnaires are licensed only for use as part of the SEC Quality Assurance Service. They are copyright protected and may only be used with the permission of SEC Ltd.


  1. Consultant sends email with login details to client
  2. Client completes questionnaire online
  3. Consultant is notified that the questionnaire has been completed
  4. Consultant accesses questionnaire results online

A Consultant may contact SEC QA advisers if:

  • The consultant has a query on the processes;
  • The consultant wishes to initiate self directed CPD.

The SEC QA adviser may contact a consultant if:

  • The adviser has been alerted to negative feedback

Feedback to SEC clients

A client seeking the service of an SEC Accredited Member is entitled to ask the member to provide verification of the quality of his/her service as confirmed by SEC QA Service. In this instance, the consultant can provide the client with the most recent analysis received for the type of service requested.

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