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An Education Consultant

Education consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, and bring a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge. They include head teachers and senior leaders, Local Authority officers, inspectors and advisers. They are skilled at helping you analyses problems and find the solutions to help you move forward and understand in depth how to work with leaders and organisations to help them develop. As they spend time in many schools and organisations they are able to observe numerous examples of good, innovative practice which can be shared with your school.


For examples of activities in a variety of areas, use this list to link to specific details:

School and Subject Specialisms

There are school and curriculum experts for Early Years, primary and secondary with subject specific knowledge.

For Example: citizenship, drama - pedagogy and methodology, environmental issues, geography, history, new technologies, life-skills, literacy, mathematics, modern foreign languages, physical education, sport, music, theatre arts; emotional intelligence; sexual health, HIV/AIDS, drug education; PHSE. Advisers work with HE, Universities LSC; special, extended faith and Free schools, Academies, Federations; PRUs; community cohesion; provision in LSUs and off-site units.

Teaching & Learning

Specialists in teaching and learning are able to provide guidance and expertise in many aspects of the learning process.

For Example: design, writing and format distance and online learning materials, facilitate of Action Learning; accredit courses; encourage students’ voice; assess the learning environment; train in restorative practice (including mediation); dispute resolution; all aspects of eLearning; Offender Learning (14-19 and adult sectors); Adult and Family learning; preferred learning styles & multiple intelligence; advising on best practice for learning outside the classroom G & T; curriculum design and innovation; adult learning; subject leadership.

Support for School Leadership

To help senior leaders experts advise about a gamut of new and reoccurring problems.

For Example: writing timetables, independent learning, work experience and work-related learning and community education; school improvement ; self review; supporting challenged schools in the State and Private sector, identifying best practice and providing a mechanism to share it more widely, Quality Assurance measures; seminars from the Institute for Leadership and Management. completing the SIEF or SEF; report writing, Ofsted preparation; management training; strategic planning, change management; project management; interim leadership; policy analysis and development. Provide expertise in school places planning and school reorganisation, consultation procedures and methodology. School buildings; support for all aspects of capital programme planning and delivery development planning and the principles of PFI project asset management; section 106 advice on new housing near to school sites; preparation of bid writing and funding applications. Support schools with resource allocation; developing the business and improving profitability by enhancing revenues and controlling costs; utilising existing resources, including premises, to the best financial advantage of the business; fund raising and bid writing.


Authorities in social inclusion and looked after children support Special Educational Needs and DDA provision.

For Example: managing Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder without medication; behaviour management; attendance; preventing exclusion; developing provision for SEBD, BESD; Admission, Transport and Exclusion Appeals; support to beat bullying & truancy, advice to resolve home school disputes; development of services for young people with disabilities.

Personnel Issues

Personnel Professionals deal with issues relating to staff from recruitment to monitoring and managing.

For Example: workforce development and planning, recruitment and retention strategy; staff wellbeing and ethos; merging and opening new schools and avoiding the closure of others; management issues for senior school staff and governors, education/business partnerships and vocational courses; selecting and appraising head teachers, bursars and senior managers; presentations on employment-related matters; performance management; stress reduction and relaxation.

Working With Others

Our consultants have worked with many organisations that can support schools and can advise and make contact with appropriate bodies.

For Example: creative and cultural project produces; career development; National Education Trust; work with Youth Service, Play Centres, Youth Sport Services, Substance Misuse Services, Youth Offending, inter-generational and multi-agency work; child protection, equalities, teenage pregnancy; voluntary agency; Governance Training; parents in both state and independent schools.


Marketing experts can guide schools through the full array of media service likely to be needed by schools.

For Example: devising press releases, commissioning photography, arranging broadcast interviews; planning a school website, providing initial content and updating; planning a prospectus and providing written and photographic content; comprehensive information about colleges and universities; help in filling in college/university application form.


A number of our consultants have international experience and knowledge of other education systems.

For Example: help set up international projects; advise about a global reach; act as education agents for students from overseas to study in this country; school searches for both UK and international relocations tailor-made to meet the individual needs of the family; employing tutors for families throughout the world; Global Academic Community Experiential Character Change; specialised and professional official translation centre of any kind of document in 15 languages.

Teacher Training/Development

Continuing Professional Development (and e-CPD) are a vital part of school development. As part of their own commitment to continuous improvement Education consultants visit many schools and attend conference across the UK and abroad and are able to bring this learning to your school.

For Example: they can provide coaching and mentoring; support for educational research; assessing quality Marks; assessment and attainment; Assessment for Learning; pupil progress; E.A.L work; UK University specialists to help ambitious students optimise their performance; raising attainment; motivational study skills seminars for secondary students; preparing students for examinations, building self-esteem and confidence.

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